epuck_entity.cpp File Reference
#include "epuck_entity.h"
#include <argos3/core/utility/math/matrix/rotationmatrix3.h>
#include <argos3/core/simulator/space/space.h>
#include <argos3/core/simulator/entity/controllable_entity.h>
#include <argos3/core/simulator/entity/embodied_entity.h>
#include <argos3/plugins/simulator/entities/rab_equipped_entity.h>
#include <argos3/plugins/simulator/entities/ground_sensor_equipped_entity.h>
#include <argos3/plugins/simulator/entities/led_equipped_entity.h>
#include <argos3/plugins/simulator/entities/light_sensor_equipped_entity.h>
#include <argos3/plugins/simulator/entities/proximity_sensor_equipped_entity.h>
#include <argos3/plugins/simulator/entities/battery_equipped_entity.h>
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 The namespace containing all the ARGoS related code.


#define UPDATE(COMPONENT)   if(COMPONENT->IsEnabled()) COMPONENT->Update();


 argos::REGISTER_ENTITY (CEPuckEntity,"e-puck","Carlo Pinciroli [ilpincy@gmail.com]","1.0","The e-puck robot.","The e-puck is a open-hardware, extensible robot intended for education. In its\n""simplest form, it is a two-wheeled robot equipped with proximity sensors,\n""ground sensors, light sensors, a microphone, a frontal camera, and a ring of\n""red LEDs. More information is available at http://www.epuck.org\n\n""REQUIRED XML CONFIGURATION\n\n"" <arena ...>\n"" ...\n"" <e-puck id=\"eb0\">\n"" <body position=\"0.4,2.3,0.25\" orientation=\"45,90,0\" />\n"" <controller config=\"mycntrl\" />\n"" </e-puck>\n"" ...\n"" </arena>\n\n""The 'id' attribute is necessary and must be unique among the entities. If two\n""entities share the same id, initialization aborts.\n""The 'body/position' attribute specifies the position of the pucktom point of the\n""e-puck in the arena. When the robot is untranslated and unrotated, the\n""pucktom point is in the origin and it is defined as the middle point between\n""the two wheels on the XY plane and the lowest point of the robot on the Z\n""axis, that is the point where the wheels touch the floor. The attribute values\n""are in the X,Y,Z order.\n""The 'body/orientation' attribute specifies the orientation of the e-puck. All\n""rotations are performed with respect to the pucktom point. The order of the\n""angles is Z,Y,X, which means that the first number corresponds to the rotation\n""around the Z axis, the second around Y and the last around X. This reflects\n""the internal convention used in ARGoS, in which rotations are performed in\n""that order. Angles are expressed in degrees. When the robot is unrotated, it\n""is oriented along the X axis.\n""The 'controller/config' attribute is used to assign a controller to the\n""e-puck. The value of the attribute must be set to the id of a previously\n""defined controller. Controllers are defined in the <controllers> XML subtree.\n\n""OPTIONAL XML CONFIGURATION\n\n""You can set the emission range of the range-and-bearing system. By default, a\n""message sent by an e-puck can be received up to 80cm. By using the 'rab_range'\n""attribute, you can change it to, i.e., 4m as follows:\n\n"" <arena ...>\n"" ...\n"" <e-puck id=\"eb0\" rab_range=\"4\">\n"" <body position=\"0.4,2.3,0.25\" orientation=\"45,90,0\" />\n"" <controller config=\"mycntrl\" />\n"" </e-puck>\n"" ...\n"" </arena>\n\n""You can also set the data sent at each time step through the range-and-bearing\n""system. By default, a message sent by an e-puck is 2 bytes long. By using the\n""'rab_data_size' attribute, you can change it to, i.e., 20 bytes as follows:\n\n"" <arena ...>\n"" ...\n"" <e-puck id=\"eb0\" rab_data_size=\"20\">\n"" <body position=\"0.4,2.3,0.25\" orientation=\"45,90,0\" />\n"" <controller config=\"mycntrl\" />\n"" </e-puck>\n"" ...\n"" </arena>\n\n""You can also configure the battery of the robot. By default, the battery never\n""depletes. You can choose among several battery discharge models, such as\n""- time: the battery depletes by a fixed amount at each time step\n""- motion: the battery depletes according to how the robot moves\n""- time_motion: a combination of the above models.\n""You can define your own models too. Follow the examples in the file\n""argos3/src/plugins/simulator/entities/battery_equipped_entity.cpp.\n\n"" <arena ...>\n"" ...\n"" <e-puck id=\"eb0\"\n"" <body position=\"0.4,2.3,0.25\" orientation=\"45,0,0\" />\n"" <controller config=\"mycntrl\" />\n"" <battery model=\"time\" factor=\"1e-5\"/>\n"" </e-puck>\n"" ...\n"" </arena>\n\n"" <arena ...>\n"" ...\n"" <e-puck id=\"eb0\"\n"" <body position=\"0.4,2.3,0.25\" orientation=\"45,0,0\" />\n"" <controller config=\"mycntrl\" />\n"" <battery model=\"motion\" pos_factor=\"1e-3\"\n"" orient_factor=\"1e-3\"/>\n"" </e-puck>\n"" ...\n"" </arena>\n\n"" <arena ...>\n"" ...\n"" <e-puck id=\"eb0\"\n"" <body position=\"0.4,2.3,0.25\" orientation=\"45,0,0\" />\n"" <controller config=\"mycntrl\" />\n"" <battery model=\"time_motion\" time_factor=\"1e-5\"\n"" pos_factor=\"1e-3\"\n"" orient_factor=\"1e-3\"/>\n"" </e-puck>\n"" ...\n"" </arena>\n\n","Under development")

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#define UPDATE (   COMPONENT)    if(COMPONENT->IsEnabled()) COMPONENT->Update();

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