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9 #include "color.h"
11 namespace argos {
13  CColor CColor::BLACK(0,0,0);
14  CColor CColor::WHITE(255, 255, 255);
15  CColor CColor::RED(255,0,0);
16  CColor CColor::GREEN(0,255,0);
17  CColor CColor::BLUE(0,0,255);
18  CColor CColor::MAGENTA(255,0,255);
19  CColor CColor::CYAN(0,255,255);
20  CColor CColor::YELLOW(255,255,0);
21  CColor CColor::ORANGE(255,140,0);
22  CColor CColor::BROWN(165,42,42);
23  CColor CColor::PURPLE(160,32,240);
24  CColor CColor::GRAY10(26,26,26);
25  CColor CColor::GRAY20(51,51,51);
26  CColor CColor::GRAY30(77,77,77);
27  CColor CColor::GRAY40(102,102,102);
28  CColor CColor::GRAY50(127,127,127);
29  CColor CColor::GRAY60(153,153,153);
30  CColor CColor::GRAY70(179,179,179);
31  CColor CColor::GRAY80(204,204,204);
32  CColor CColor::GRAY90(229,229,229);
34 }
static CColor BLACK
Definition: color.h:29
static CColor GRAY50
Definition: color.h:44
static CColor YELLOW
Definition: color.h:36
static CColor WHITE
Definition: color.h:30
static CColor PURPLE
Definition: color.h:39
static CColor CYAN
Definition: color.h:35
static CColor GRAY90
Definition: color.h:48
static CColor BROWN
Definition: color.h:38
static CColor MAGENTA
Definition: color.h:34
static CColor GRAY20
Definition: color.h:41
static CColor BLUE
Definition: color.h:33
static CColor GRAY70
Definition: color.h:46
static CColor GRAY80
Definition: color.h:47
static CColor ORANGE
Definition: color.h:37
static CColor GRAY60
Definition: color.h:45
static CColor GREEN
Definition: color.h:32
static CColor RED
Definition: color.h:31
static CColor GRAY30
Definition: color.h:42
The namespace containing all the ARGoS related code.
Definition: ci_actuator.h:12
static CColor GRAY10
Definition: color.h:40
static CColor GRAY40
Definition: color.h:43