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 The namespace containing all the ARGoS related code.


 argos::REGISTER_ACTUATOR (CPrototypeJointsDefaultActuator,"joints","default","Michael Allwright []","1.0","The prototype joints actuator: controls a prototype entity's joints.","This actuator is used to control the joints inside a prototype entity. To\n""control a joint, add a joint child node to the joints node. Each child node has\n""three attributes, all of which are required.\n\n""REQUIRED XML CONFIGURATION\n\n"" <controllers>\n"" ...\n"" <my_controller ...>\n"" ...\n"" <actuators>\n"" ...\n"" <joints implementation=\"default\">\n"" <joint id=\"joint0\" mode=\"velocity\" max_impulse=\"0.002f\"/>\n"" <joint id=\"joint1\" mode=\"position\" max_impulse=\"0.005f\"/>\n"" ...\n"" </joints>\n"" ...\n"" </actuators>\n"" ...\n"" </my_controller>\n"" ...\n"" </controllers>\n\n""The 'id' attribute specifies which joint in the prototype joint equipped entity\n""we are interested in controlling. The 'mode' attribute has three options:\n""disabled, position, and velocity. The disabled mode is self-explanatory. The\n""position and velocity modes enable closed loop position control and closed loop\n""velocity control. The 'max_impulse' attribute defines the maximum impulse of\n""the actuator in kg m/s for prismatic joints and kg m^2/s for revolute joints.\n\n""OPTIONAL XML CONFIGURATION\n\n""None.","Usable")