argos::CDynamics3DCylinderModel Class Reference

#include <dynamics3d_cylinder_model.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CDynamics3DCylinderModel (CDynamics3DEngine &c_engine, CCylinderEntity &c_cylinder)
virtual ~CDynamics3DCylinderModel ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from argos::CDynamics3DSingleBodyObjectModel
 CDynamics3DSingleBodyObjectModel (CDynamics3DEngine &c_engine, CComposableEntity &c_entity)
virtual ~CDynamics3DSingleBodyObjectModel ()
virtual void Reset ()
virtual void MoveTo (const CVector3 &c_position, const CQuaternion &c_orientation)
virtual void CalculateBoundingBox ()
 Calculates the axis-aligned box that contains the entire physics model. More...
virtual void AddToWorld (btMultiBodyDynamicsWorld &c_world)
virtual void RemoveFromWorld (btMultiBodyDynamicsWorld &c_world)
- Public Member Functions inherited from argos::CDynamics3DModel
 CDynamics3DModel (CDynamics3DEngine &c_engine, CComposableEntity &c_entity)
virtual ~CDynamics3DModel ()
CDynamics3DEngineGetEngine ()
const CDynamics3DEngineGetEngine () const
CComposableEntityGetComposableEntity ()
const CComposableEntityGetComposableEntity () const
virtual bool IsCollidingWithSomething () const
 Returns true if this model is colliding with another model. More...
virtual void UpdateEntityStatus ()
 Updates the status of the associated entity. More...
virtual void UpdateFromEntityStatus ()
 Updates the state of this model from the status of the associated entity. More...
std::vector< CAbstractBody * > & GetBodies ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from argos::CPhysicsModel
 CPhysicsModel (CPhysicsEngine &c_engine, CEmbodiedEntity &c_entity)
virtual ~CPhysicsModel ()
CPhysicsEngineGetEngine ()
 Returns the physics engine associated to this physics model. More...
CEmbodiedEntityGetEmbodiedEntity ()
 Returns the embodied entity associated to this physics model. More...
const CEmbodiedEntityGetEmbodiedEntity () const
 Returns the embodied entity associated to this physics model. More...
const SBoundingBoxGetBoundingBox () const
 Returns an axis-aligned box that contains the physics model. More...
virtual void CalculateAnchors ()
 Calculates the anchors associated to this model. More...
SBoundingBoxGetBoundingBox ()
 Returns an axis-aligned box that contains the physics model. More...
template<typename MODEL >
void RegisterAnchorMethod (const SAnchor &s_anchor, void(MODEL::*pt_method)(SAnchor &))
 Registers an anchor method. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from argos::CDynamics3DModel
typedef std::map< std::string, CDynamics3DModel * > TMap
- Public Types inherited from argos::CPhysicsModel
typedef std::map< std::string, CPhysicsModel * > TMap
typedef std::vector< CPhysicsModel * > TVector
- Protected Attributes inherited from argos::CDynamics3DModel
std::vector< CAbstractBody * > m_vecBodies

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

argos::CDynamics3DCylinderModel::CDynamics3DCylinderModel ( CDynamics3DEngine c_engine,
CCylinderEntity c_cylinder 

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argos::CDynamics3DCylinderModel::~CDynamics3DCylinderModel ( )

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